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Education brings change. It lays the foundation for human progress. Learning has the power to transform lives not only of an individual, a family or a community but it's capable of revolutionizing the course of an entire nation.

No matter who we are, where we come from, education and right guidance bestows us with power to shape our lives however we want. Receiving quality education should be one’s right and not a privilege.

That’s why S&S Thinkhub was established in 2019. We provide an academic platform to make technical and behavioral education more accessible to the masses.

Based on a holistic research and understanding of both students and industry requirements, we worked diligently to develop highly specific educational programs and courses, taught by the industry's finest educators. Ensuring that our students have everything they need to succeed.


It is our mission to aid that wave of transformation by making quality education of all levels more accessible to every youngster, in every corner of our country. We are working today, for the India of tomorrow.


We aspire to create a platform where quality education is not a privilege but a right everyone deserves. And to aid an entire generation of youngsters in manifesting their current dreams into their inevitable reality.

Our Team

Talent on board

Dedicated to making the future you imagine, your reality.


Harshit Munjal


"Triumph grows on the soil of setbacks"


Sharad Gupta

Technical Trainer

"Fail forward, achieve greatness through setbacks"


Atoshi Roy

Softskills Trainer

"Mistakes fuel victories, and shape your success."

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